DSMLink Data Logs

In this first log we can clearly see large difference between what the Tech Edge WB02 was reading (11.3AFR) and what the ECU thought the A/F Ratio was running at (9.59AFR).  I usually do not run 9.5AFR, except for testing the limits of my fueling system.  In this test the fueling system is not keeping up with the demands that I am putting on the car.  If I lowered the boost a little and tune for this problem I would most likely be fine with my current system, but living below our potential is NOT why we do this.  So, I would HAVE to upgrade the fuel system.  Anyways, I plan on running 30psi sometime and I would definitely be pushing my fuel system far beyond what it could handle at that time.


In this data log we can see that the fueling problem has been completely resolved by the upgraded fuel system.  The Tech Edge WB02 reads 9.6AFR  and the ECU estimates the A/F Ratio at 9.69AFR.