Fuel System Installation

After ordering all of the necessary parts, I realized that I would first have to deal with fuel pump.  Now maybe I am just being anal, but have you seen the ID of the Walbro 255 in-line?  It is ridiculously small if you screw any adaptor into it (approximately -4AN).  Since I was planning on using -8AN fuel supply line it made ZERO sense to me to neck down to -4AN at the pump.  To fix this, I tapped the outside of the fuel pump with 3/8" NPT and JB Welded on some 3/8" NPT female to -8AN male adaptors on the inlet and outlet side of the pump.

Once the pump problem was fixed I simply had to put all of the part together.  I started from the back forward.  To get the stock supply line at the tank to adapt to -8AN I had to use a couple of different adaptors. (If I was adapting to -6AN, I would only need one adaptor.)  From the fuel tank the stainless steel fuel supply lines run along the passenger side body seam of the car up the the fuel pump.  From the fuel pump a -8AN female swivel to -8AN female swivel 45 degree adaptor is used to connect the fuel filter and place it in the correct position for the fuel line to turn in and travel up the fire wall.  -8AN is a very tight fit between the firewall and front suspension assembly, so you have to feed the line through first and then install the end fittings.

The 1g fuel rail is tapped with a 3/8" NPT tap and a 3/8" NPT male to -8AN male adaptor is JB Welded in the fuel rail.  When tapping the fuel rail, make sure you DO NOT tap to deep.  If you tap too deep the fitting will be loose and not fit well.  I use the adaptor to be installed as my tap depth tester.  I want the last three rows of threads of the adaptor to be difficult to thread it.  So when I get to the point that I have three threads left and would have to use a wrench to get the adaptor threaded all the way in, I stop.  I installed a liquid filled fuel pressure gauge and electric fuel pressure sending unit into the top of the fuel rail.  I tapped the fuel rail with a 1/8" tap to install these parts.  Once again DO NOT tap too deep.  I used thread paste to seal the threads after installation.

From the Buschur/SX fuel pressure regulator a -6AN stainless steel fuel line runs down the the stock fuel supply hard line.  The stock fuel supply hard line is perfect for use as a return line.  To install the stock fuel supply rubber line at the fuel tank you simply need to cut off the metal end of the hose and use two hose clamps on the return line port on the fuel tank.


Detailed Pictures and Description of Installation