Inverter Install

I was quite tired of the wire clutter from having a laptop, power inverter and DSMLink in the car, So I went about cleaning up the mess.  I decided that I could fit the 400w inverter behind the center console against the fire wall.  I ended up taking the inverter apart to remove the on/off switch in order to relocate the switch to a more convenient location.  I then purchased a 6' three prong extension cord, black electrical outlet, on/off switch, and a serial connector.  I plugged the extension cord into one of the outlets on the inverter.  I then ran the extension cord, switch extension and DSMLink serial cable to the rear of the center console.  A hole was cut into the rear of the center console for the switch, serial plug and electrical outlet.  I then hooked up all of the wire to the appropriate connection and put everything back together.

Now, I can turn the inverter on/off, plug the laptop computer into power and the ECU all from the rear of the center console.  Clean.