Stealthy Shift Light Install

I chose an adjustable RPM shift light that DOES NOT use those damn rpm "pills."  I hate those things.  You can not fine tune the RPM you really want.  Nor can you easily adjust the trigger point.

After I set my RPM shift point, I taped the adjuster down to prevent inadvertently changing it during installation.

Removing the vents is very straight forward.  After disconnecting the vent cable on the passenger side of the dash, behind the glove box, simply pull the vent assembly out as one piece.  Then disconnect the electrical plugs and remove completely.

Close up shot of the vent control cable.

I removed the vent flapper door and drilled a hole to bolt the shift light to.

Shift light bolted to flapper door (Side View).

Shift light bolted to flapper door (Front View).

I cut a hole in the bottom of the vent and installed a rubber grommet to run the wires through for the shift light.

Rear view of the shift light installed in the vent.

Bottom view of shift light installed in vent.

Front view of shift light installed in vent.

I tapped into the RPM signal at the ECU harness.  Pin #58 is a solid white wire.  I tapped into power from the cigarette lighter and grounded to the center console near the lighter.

Completely installed in the car.

How it looks when activated.  I can adjust the brightness of the shift light for day and night driving by simply changing the position of the vent.  Facing forward for bright and facing toward one side for dim.  Over all I am very pleased with the installation.  It was quite easy and very stealthy!!